Finder’s Fee Guidelines

I offer a 15% Finder’s Fee for people that bring in qualified leads that convert to sales. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a pleasant experience for all involved.

  • Finder’s Fee payments will be sent via PayPal 30 days after the new client pays for services.
  • Please do not offer potential clients a special deal to get them to contact me. They may be disappointed if you have made an error, so it’s better not to discuss pricing.
  • Please do not imply you are a company representative, agent, salesperson, contractor, sub-contractor, or any other part of my business.
  • Feel free to send me a quick e-mail and give me a heads up and I will be on the lookout for your referral.
  • Absolutely do not push, hound, harass, intimidate, or pressure potential customers to contact me (zero tolerance on this one).