New Client Referral Policy

I would like to thank you for referring new clients to my website!

I operate a referral-based business and I appreciate it when you tell your family, friends, and colleagues about how I can help them. Over the years, my business has grown from numerous referrals from former customers and other resume writers — which I consider the highest compliments I could possibly receive.

So, here’s the deal:

  • For each person you refer that becomes a paying client, you will receive a 20% credit to your account.
  • If you refer five customers, you will receive 100% of your fees returned.

Please have the person you are referring contact me before ordering and I will also let them know about any special offers that are available. That way, both you and the person you refer can benefit.

Referral Policy — Terms and Conditions

  • The 20% referral credit will only be given when the new customer has named you as the referrer at (or before) the time of order.
  • Referral credits are non-transferable to another party.
  • Referral payments will be sent via PayPal 30 days after the new client pays for services.
  • Only the fees from your original order can be reduced by referral credits.
  • The maximum value of any credit you can receive is equal to the amount that you originally paid. Basically, you can get a 20% credit up to five times (to equal 100% of what you paid).
  • If you continue to send referrals after you have earned 100% of your money back, please check out my Finder’s Fee Guidelines.