Resume Writing Certifications

If you are shopping for a professional resume writer, it makes sense to do your homework and compare your options. During your search, you may notice that some resume writers are certified, some hold multiple certifications, and some do not have any at all. The certifications can be confusing — so here is a list of what they all stand for.

  • CPRW: Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • CPCC: Certified Professional Career Coach
  • NCRW: Nationally Certified Resume Writer
  • MRW: Master Resume Writer
  • CCM: Credentialed Career Manager
  • CARW: Certified Advanced Resume Writer
  • CERW: Certified Expert Resume Writer
  • CFRW: Certified Federal Resume Writer
  • CMRW: Certified Military Resume Writer
  • CRS+X: Certified Resume Specialist (X = available in 14 specialty areas)
  • MCD: Master Career Director
  • CEIC: Certified Employment Interview Consultant
  • CECC: Certified Electronic Career Coach
  • ACRW: Academy Certified Resume Writer

These are all offered by different certifying agencies (associations) that have differing criteria a writer has to meet.

Why I Don’t Want Any Of Them

I personally do not hold any certifications. Here are my top two reasons why.

1) There is no industry standard and no single industry authority.

For example, if you want to be licensed to sell real estate, you have to attend an accredited real estate school and pass an exam in your state. This is required by law and each state’s Department of Licensing or Department of Regulatory Agencies oversee these mandated programs. This does not exist for resume writers.

2) The certifications do not measure talent or dedication.

In my opinion, resume writing is an art and it’s one of those talents that you have or you don’t. There isn’t a stamp of approval that can determine talent. Certification testing can only measure your ability to dot the Is and cross the Ts and the certification graders are looking for specific resume “rules” to be obeyed.

Well, I believe rules are better left back in the 90s. Instead, I choose to be a trend-setter who is always trying something fresh and unique. Consequently, my clients have consistently been (and continue to be) quite successful.