Executive Resume Writing: Service Options

This is an overview of executive resume writing service options. If you are interested in something NOT on this list, please ask — I’m very flexible and I customize every package to suit the needs of my clients.

Job target evaluation — There is a balance between casting your net too wide and pigeonholing yourself. We will work together to ensure your job search is realistic and effective. In addition, to successfully market your credentials, I will research your career field extensively. In many cases, this uncovers new avenues that may not have been thought of before.

Professionally written resume — Your resume is the single most important document in your job search arsenal — it is the summary of your accomplishments and what you bring to the table for your next employer. Its purpose is to get you that one-on-one meeting with a key decision-maker. I will do all of the research, formatting, creative writing, page design, editing, and proofreading for you. Most people don’t like writing resumes, but I actually enjoy it! Consequently, not only will your new resume look great (which boosts your confidence), it will also generate positive results.

Resume variance — Targeted resumes are simply more effective than generic resumes. A resume variance is helpful if you have more than one career goal, or if you would like different resume designs (e.g. conservative and modern).

Cover letter 3-pack — The cover letter is an essential document in your job search. Sending a cover letter with your resume suggests that you have good business etiquette and common courtesy — both are highly sought-after skills. Cover letters announce what position you would like to apply for, provide an added opportunity for you to market yourself, and give you the chance to ask for the interview. You will receive three versions of your cover letter for the various situations you may encounter during your job search (e.g. networking situations, applying to a blind job ad, reaching out to headhunters).

References dossier — Don’t send a boring list of references. A references dossier is more detailed and includes testimonials of your value from your professional associates.

Follow up letter — You may need to send a follow up letter after you submit your resume to demonstrate your excitement for a position and to politely solicit a response from a key decision-maker.

Thank you letter — After your job interview, send in a thank you letter to differentiate yourself by communicating your gratitude for being considered for the position. This is also an opportunity to reiterate how you will personally add value to the company.

Online identity evaluation — A recent report suggests that 45% of employers are looking at your social networking profiles. I will send you a report detailing what your online identity says about you. Your online identity demonstrates what makes you unique — but sometimes what is found can be harmful to your career. People are often surprised at what I can dig up, so I believe this is an important service for anyone who is about to engage in an active job search. I will use this report to assist with setting up (or editing) your online networking profile.

Networking profile setup/editing — Recruiters and hiring managers routinely Google candidates. Successful executives should not leave their professional image to chance. You will get one customized profile created for you (choose from LinkedIn or VisualCV).

All orders include:

Introductory phone consultation — I can get a better grasp of your career goals when I have a one-on-one conversation with you. For your convenience, you can .

Resume writing questionnaire — Even though we have an introductory phone consultation, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire because it requires you to sit down and get your mindset on your career accomplishments. The questionnaire asks specific questions to refresh your memory about your specific achievements and many clients tell me that it helps them to prepare for job interviews. In addition, your questionnaire gives me something I can reference while I am working on your project.

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Senior managers and other clients planning to move into an executive level position typically pay between $850 and $1,250. Experienced senior executives and clients with scientific, engineering, or technical backgrounds typically pay between $1,100 and $1,850. Every client is different, which is why I offer a free quote. I don’t spam or add you to any kind of list and you won’t be automatically subscribed to any newsletters.

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